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Santa's Slay movie

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The Case For: You get to see some of the most annoying. Santa's Slay DVD Movie Santa's Slay DVD movie video $10.85 in stock at CD Universe, WWE wrestler Bill Goldberg THE LONGEST YARD stars as Santa Claus in this horrific comedy, but he's. Santa's Slay (2005) – IMDb Q: Was this movie inspired from Ernest saves Christmas? The movie that the Santa in the. The movie was written and directed by David Steiman, a former assistant to. Santa's Slay: Bill Goldberg, Douglas Smith (VI. Santa's Slay Overview: Santa's on a murderous rampage, and it's up to a couple of scrappy teens to stop him! Directed By: David Steiman, 2005. Santa's Slay Movie Reviews, Pictures – Rotten Tomatoes Movie Info. Santa's Slay: Bill Goldberg, Douglas Smith (VI), Emilie de Ravin, Robert Culp, Dave Thomas, Saul Rubinek, Rebecca Gayheart, Chris Kattan, Fran Drescher, Alicia Lorn. Santas Slay B Movie Blastworks | Primary Ignition (new server) ***B Movie Blastworks is a regular column published on Primary Ignition, written by Mark Leja, staff writer and Connoisseur of Crap, in which he scours the bowels of the internet. Santa's Slay – Movie Reviews, Photos & Videos, Layouts
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